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sabato 23 aprile 2011

Dokumentar mbi Arbereshet

Essere Arbereshe è un valore aggiunto!!!

Arbereshet, Shqiptaret qe nuk e harruan kurre gjuhen,traditat,zakonet dhe kulturen e tyre.Te larguar nga Shqiperia qe ne kohen e Gjergj Kastriotit ( Skenderbehu) , ne 1450, ata kan ruajtur me fanatizem dhe dashuri origjinen e tyre!
Arbereshet Shqiptaret e hershem!

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  1. You can go anywhere in the world but you should never forget where you come from and what blood runs in your veins. If you do that then you are denying your own self. So proud of these people so proud of being Shqipetar(Albanese,Albanian,Arbershe). We are very nice,welcoming and accepting people. A country should not be defiend by its bad people,every forest has pigs. Greetings from Rezarta Mataj(NY.USA) Love my people